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barry_jodeeBarry Siff has directed over 100 multisport events since 1998, including adventure races and camps, winter triathlons, numerous nationally acclaimed summer triathlons, cycling events, and running races. As an athlete, Barry has completed over 50 marathons, 10 Ironman triathlons, and virtually every major adventure race in the world from 1998-2003. Before starting MountainQuest Adventures in 1998 with partner Liz Caldwell, Barry was a partner in a highly successful telemarketing company in Omaha , NE , as well as a Sr. Vice President of a $7 billion food business. Barry is President of the USA Triathlon Board of Directors, and has been a contributor to nearly every triathlon media outlet in the sport. In 2012, he was Co-Chair of the epic Boulder Stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, and is a frequent speaker on the “Business of Sport,” and “Leadership.”


Jodee Siff has been actively involved in 5430 Sports since 2004. Jodee is fully responsible for the administrative side of 5430, all registration matters, and oversees all food-related, merchandise-related, and 5430′s emphasis on youth development and participation. Jodee is probably best known, though, for creating the best awards in the sport of triathlon. Each year, over 400 awards are uniquely designed and crafted by Jodee … a year-round effort. As Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander, says: “Nobody makes a more unique trophy than Jodee!”

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