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TriZona at Starr Pass is a fun, unique triathlon getaway at a luxurious resort.

The triathlon, itself, will be Sunday morning, March 13, and is essentially a Sprint.

The event will be limited to just 50 participants due to the crazily unique nature of the swim, an estimated 7 to 13 minute swim against the current of a Lazy River. Did we mention we begin the swim by going down a slide into the Lazy River???

A more traditional – and challenging – 15.6-mile bike leg follows, ending with a 5K run.

SWIM – “Equivalent” of 550 Meters

A swim like you’ve never done before! The triathlon starts down a slide into the Lazy River! Participants will go off every 10 seconds. You will do 2 laps of the Lazy River … against the current! After each 25 (or so) participants, there will be a 4-5 minute “break,” to allow the Lazy River to clear out a bit. While the actual length of the swim is probably around 300 yards … it will feel twice that long, due to the current.

The River is only 3-4 feet in depth; so, you can stand, if tired; but, you are not allowed any forward progress. It is, indeed, a challenging swim … but, a blast! Over the first two races, the vast majority of participants did the swim in 7-13 minutes, with just a few longer. NOTE: if you find the swim against the current too laboring, you are allowed to do just one lap; whereby, we will take your first lap time, double it, and add a four minute “penalty.”

BIKE – 15.6 Miles

The bike ride consists of 3 loops and is very fast for the first half, and challenging for the second half. It is a total of 15.6 miles, with each loop being roughly 5 miles (with a half mile out of and back to Transition) There will be Police Officers at each major corner, so you will be able to be aggressive throughout the ride.

You will exit the Marriott onto Starr Pass Blvd, making a left onto Players Club Drive, Right onto Anklam, Right onto Greasewood, Right back onto Starr Pass Blvd … and Right back onto Players Club Dr. to repeat that loop (Players-Anklam-Greasewood-Starr Pass) two more times. After doing the loop three times, you continue on Starr Pass Blvd into T2 at the Marriott.

RUN – 5K

The run is a straight-forward out-and-back on Starr Pass Blvd and left onto Players Club … turning at 1.55 Miles and returning to the finish. Unfortunately, given the spectacular setting of the Marriott at Starr Pass on top of a hill, the course is largely downhill for the first half; and, yes, uphill for the second half. Hey … we did say it was a “fun, unique, and challenging course!”